Play Blast Interactive provides an array of services Including


  • Project Management

  • Software Development

  • Multimedia Production 

  • Education and Training services

  • Corporate Consulting 



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Play Blast Interactive was founded on the pillar of development for Interactive Entertainment. We are proud of our product lines and intellectual property. 



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Play Blast Interactive Pty Ltd was founded in 2017 by Steven M. Shilling, specialising in Software Engineering, Games and Application Development. Education and Software Development consulting. Media Production and Project Management Services.



Play Blast Interactives mission is to produce the highest quality Interactive Entertainment experiences on the market.




Our mission is to become the world's leading provider of Interactive Entertainment software and services.




Quality - At Play Blast Interactive we distinguish ourselves by placing quality and production value at the forefront of our products.


Culture - We believe that a positive operational environment, staff wellbeing and retention are all key to an organisations success.


Community - Great products and services are only as good as the great people who get behind them.


Growth - Play Blast Interactive believe that cultivated growth and expansion in all areas foster improvement.


Creativity - Innovation, original ideas and thinking outside the square keep Play Blast Interactive on top of our game.


Fun - At Play Blast Interactive we have fun. In order to make fun for a living we need to practice it in our company culture.


Epicness - We strive to be the best at what we do on heroic levels.



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