Expressions of Interest

Play Blast Interactive are always looking for talent.  We invite you to send us your CV for future roles that may arise.

If you have a passion for computer games, science-fiction and love software development, we look forward to hearing from you. To apply:  Please submit a PDF of your resume along with a Link to your portfolio samples/ show-reel and a breakdown of the work on your site to

Work Placement 

Play Blast Interactive do offer work placement for potential candidates.​ If you are interested in work placement with Play Blast Interactive please send your application, including CV and a minimum of one page cover letter to explaining why you want to do work placement with Play Blast Interactive . Your cover letter must specify the course, subject and educational organisation that require you to preform the work placement. In order to qualify for work placement your application must co inside with a course or a nationally accredited tertiary, Higher education provider. Play Blast Interactive only accepts work placement that is beneficial for the applicants learning experience. Work Placement is financially unpaid but successful applicants may find value in learning valuable knowledge and industry techniques that may help them in their future endeavours. Successfully obtaining work placement at Play Blast Interactive does not guarantee employment with Play Blast Interactive.


Play Blast Interactive do not offer unpaid internships. If you feel you are worth hiring,

even at a junior level send your CV to

If you show potential, Play Blast Interactive can offer contract based work on a per task basis . No one works for free at Play Blast Interactive. We are a business that hires top tier only. 




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